I guess it's fair to ask What is KevinP73.com? Simply put, it's how I earn a little bit of mad
money. I've got a full time job but like most everyone a little spare cash on the side helps.
Beyond this landing page are two of the ways I try to make this mad money.
California Kayak Accessories
is my business selling kayaking accessories. I
manufacture a couple products under my private label and I sell other products from well
known manufacturers such as
Seattle Sports, NorthWater Paddle Sports and Seals
. You can find those products here as well as on Amazon.com.

My other venture,
Kevin's Coastal Cruise 2017 is a collection of automotive related
products I've offered in order to finance a road trip I have planned for the summer of
2017.  I plan to drive my classic 1962 Corvair utility van from L.A. California to Seattle,
Washington. The plan is to drive up the coast highway taking in the sights along the way.
I'll share the journey on my
FaceBook page and on Twitter.
Welcome to KevinP73.com
Important Notice
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features and protections that PayPal provides.
There, I fixed it.